Friday, June 5, 2009


Life is good to me right now and I am just feeling really blessed at the moment.

It comes down to the support that I am getting from all around me. My family, My husbands family, and my donor's family plus my web family and Resolve. So all in all I just feel really blessed that I have had so much support. Considering the path we have chosen, I know that there could have been a lot more negative reactions, but there just has not been. I know what a blessing that is. I have heard some terrible stories from people who's family did not support the idea of IVF let alone the use of donor anything. So far everyone seems to be really ok with this. Even my donors family is excited for us and were happy that we had asked their son to be our donor. They are looking forward to having a stronger relationship with our family and for that I am glad because I want my child to know and have a relationship with their biological family, if that is what everyone chooses. I understand for some DI kids it is not an important thing to have a relationship with their donor's families yet for others they long to know that part of themselves better. Once again I feel so very, very, blessed that it seems we will be able to provide answers for those hard questions when and if they ever become an issue.

My Donor's parents have requested that we ALL write a journal about our journey addressed to our future child telling them why we chose the path that we did in bringing them into the world. That way when our child is old enough we have a record of our thoughts and feelings. If they ever question whether or not love was involved in their creation, we can show them everything we wrote before, during and after their presence into the world and hopefully this will dispel any doubts for them. I want them to know that indeed, much love and much thought went into their creation. I almost told my donor's parents about this blog but I decided to wait for a less emotional time to tell them. I will see them again in July so I will let them know then that I have honored their request. So over the next few weeks I am going to write in this blog detailing why I have chosen this path. I will be pouring my heart out here to my future child in case I am ever blessed enough to bring one into the world. So if you don't want to read during those times I understand.

On a slightly different note;

I had my appointment yesterday with my RE and we decided that we would not do the lap at this time. I have never had symptoms of endo and there are less then 20% of women who have endo that have no symptoms. So we are going to assume that I do not have endo. However, we are going to do a scratch test and biopsy of the lining of my uterus. My RE believes that the things that they do with the scratch test can tell us if we should look deeper or not. The scratch test also serves as a double whammy because we can test for some of the other things that would be treated by Dr. Toth. So scratch test it is because it serves a dual purpose.

Also, my RE did not laugh at me when I brought up Dr. Toth and it seems that she along with others in the practice have worked closely with him and have developed a cross system of determining who should see him. Many times my RE can treat me here using some of his methods without having to send me to New York. Only the really sever cases are sent to Dr. Toth. So that is good news. At the same time I feel that this is a proactive enough approach without being an infertility hypochondriac.

Well thanks for tuning in!



  1. It's so wonderful to hear every one is happy about your situation, it would make things so much easier.

    I had no signs of endo either, but I needed to know for sure so I had the lap. In the end they didn't find any but it was more for peace of mind. That way I had ruled everything out.

    All the best with scratch test.

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