Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been absent of late. Kind of lurking because my male factor infertility tale has had a few twist and turns that I have not been able to share with anyone because I keep being told that I should be a good girl and keep my mouth shut. What I can say about our journey is that even infertility doctors can be quite hard to reach where male factor infertility is concerned.

It is a hard taste of reality when after treating my husband for 7 years for his "issues" we decide that enough was enough. We decided as a couple to use a directed sperm donor (aka someone we know not from a bank. We were met with opposition from our doctors on our choice. Not that they did not want us to use donor sperm, they had been suggesting it from the beginning, but they frowned on us for using a known donor.

They frowned so hard on our choice that they went so far as to make us believe in and comply to "Laws" that were in fact not laws at all but ended up being "rules" set by the practice made to "protect us".

I am not sure why they were so unnerved by our decision but they were. They even felt that not giving us the ability to make an informed patient decision was "better for us" and so they tried and tried to make us do it their way.

I guess they figured that a father will be less of a father if he has to look at his children on a regular basis, that all men in thier maleness will be so shallow as to think to himself everyday "this is "his" kid not mine". I wonder if Joseph ever thought that way about Jesus because he turned out to be a pretty okay guy or so I am told. I wonder if my Step-Father knows about this rule for men becasue he loves and treats me the same as he does his own "DNA" and has never made me feel unwanted becasue I am not "his DNA"

I guess they figured that after surviving 2 kidney transplants and a host of other complications from those experiences, that my husband still did not posses the ability to know when to listen to his body and his soul and know when it was time to throw in the flag and say enough is enough.

I guess that it was not enough for them that I had battled cancer 2 times and have endured 7 years of waiting and had survived 2 rounds of failed IVF for me to know when to say enough was enough. I guess in the end it was also not enough for them that it was my body and my eggs and that ultimately the choice begins and ends with me as to whose sperm I would allow to fertilize MY eggs and whose child I would be willing to carry in my womb.

Some how they gave the power to the sperm and not the patient who was waiting on the table with her heart and legs spread wide with hope. I was made to feel that I was being given a gift and I could only receive the gift of sperm that they felt had "no stings attached" and so they wanted to strip away the bows and the ribbons before I was given the gift of motherhood that could only come to me from the "right" manhood.

No it was not enough because they tried so hard to shove a square peg into a round a hole. They tried and tried to say that the choice was not mine at all that there were "strict laws governing these things".

It was almost enough. We almost believed them. Well we did to a point and we followed all the rules they wanted us to follow. But In the end we did not listen to them, we chose to listen to our hearts, our souls and our bodies and we chose our own path. We chose a path that says DNA is not what will make our family, love is what will make our family. Funny thing, in the end there were no laws broken by us, not a single one, but I am not so sure that the doctors did not break more then a few in their attempts to stop us.

They seem to not listen to our words or respect our wishes, well I bet that now that our credit card is no longer speaking to them they will understand better. :)

I hope this finds you all well. Hugs and blessing be to you.

Mel if you read this, once again thanks. You helped the tears and anger to be shed that needed to be shed in way that did not hurt anyone and helped me. In the end it is all about me sometimes and this was one of those times.


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