Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some random photos of NOLA. It was my first time back after Katrina. I took my donor since he had never been to NOLA.

Just some cat we found in Cemetery #1. Please note the cat is just sleeping not dead.

A stone angel that tops one of the tombs.

This tomb had cracked open and had filled with water.

This statue is all that remained of this tomb. Only a few random bricks remained as evidence that it once stood.
A fern that was growing out of the side of one of the tombs.


  1. You took a pic of a dead cat at a cemetary? How morbid.

  2. LOL! I just saw this comment. The Kitty is not dead. :) The Kitty was just napping in the cemetery. I just thought it was so sute that the cat was so comfortable with us petting it and taking pictures of him that he finally went belly up sort of and fell asleep with his tounge hanging out.

    No dead Kitties here.