Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay well I am starting to get nervous now. I leave for Cali in 3 days and while it seems like it will be a nice vacation I am nervous. I guess the plan is that I will meet my donors parents. I know that they support my donors decision to help DH and I to have a baby, but I can't help but feel nervous. I was supposed to do this with DH by my side but his work is in an unstable place so he decided to forgo the trip. So I will be going to the meeting alone with my donor.

I guess what I am afraid of is the personal questions that I am sure are going to come up. I just don't want to cry or appear weak in front of them. But I know that there are just some parts of my journey that are too hard for me to retell without some tears. So I am spending my energy on packing and trying to think about all the other things I will be doing in Cali too.

Funny how I can manage to talk to Senators and news crews about IVF without losing it but I have this fear of losing it in front of my donors parents... WTF with that? I never posted it because I was pretty busy for a while fighting Georgia SB 169. It was a horrible bill that was targeting IVF and stem cell research. In the end we managed to fight out 99% of the IVF language but sadly, even though the bill had little support form the people, the bill passed the Senate. It has since died in the House... but still not a pretty blot to have on Georgia's record.

Sooooo can you keep a secret? I am surprising my Mum! :) She knows that I am going out to Cali but she does not know that I am going out early to surprise her with a late Mother's Days. Then as part of her surprise I plan to take some pictures with my brother so we can put them in a frame for her. I think it should be good I just need to meet my dad some place so he can take our picture and I have to figure out where that is. I am thinking the beach for some and another location for the others. But who knows what I will come up with...

Well now that I can tell my mom about this blog I will be posting more. Plus I will post more pictures while I am on vacation. :) Always easier to get online when you don't have work to get in the way. :)

Plus I am getting excited about the Capoeira event that I will be attending. Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art that is practiced all over the world. I started last October and I love it. the group Mandinga in San Diego CA. is having their event over Memorial Day weekend. If you are in the area please try to check it out.



  1. Good Luck meeting your donors parents.
    What a wonderful gift for your mother, no doubt she will love it. I look forward to more of your posts.

    I get exhausted just watching Capoeira, it is so high energy :) Have fun !

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  3. Thanks Vee,

    I try to surprise my Mum with a visit once a year. I just change the time of year and she is always surprised. Last year took the cake though literally. I planned a 50th B-day for her and when she showed up to the party in a limo, I had lined up all her friends to give her a lei as she walked by. Then at the end when she had all her leis from her friends, My husband and I came out and from around the crowd and I gave her a Pearl "lei" it was really a necklace but 64 inches long and made of black pearls.

    LOL Capoeira is high energy. I just try to keep up but sometimes I just have to go slow. Especially if I am on a cycle because my ovaries feel like they are going to pop if I move too much. Oh wait that is because they will pop if I move to much... hehehe.

  4. Hey Adela! Just followed you back from the Lushary - one of these days I will get around to updating my Google reader and adding you in there. I am terrible at staying on top of that stuff - I love reading the blogs but the maintenance things just feel like work to me.

    So exciting about your visit to surprise your mom! I surprised my mom a few Christmases ago by showing up on her doorstep on Boxing Day at 9 in the morning - she was kind of irritated that someone was ringing her doorbell at that time and when she opened the door she had this grumpy look on her face and it took her a few seconds to realize it was me. It was really great, then later in the day I got to surprise my dad, too. Very fun!

    Capoeira is so cool! I've never seen it done in real life but the videos I've seen look so amazing, and the tradition behind it is really powerful, too.

    Hope all goes well with your donor and his family - I am thinking good thoughts for you. I tend to think crying is often ok cause it shows people how much you care about something, so let those tears out, at least a little. I know it's vulnerable and scary to do in front of virtual strangers, though - I always feel embarrassed by how easily I cry sometimes. Anyway, wishing you all the best with that stuff. Safe travels!

  5. Adela, I just saw your comment on the Lushary. Re the 6 month semen quarantine, there is a clause in the FDA regulation that allows you to sign a waiver waiving the quarantine. Feel free to email me for more info. dorasblog at gmail dot com.